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Maître &  Regisseur at National Ballet of Cuba


Consultant at the Carlos Acosta School in Havana


Classical dance teacher for all levels Dance workshop at CND - Martinique, SONIS Cultural Center - Ville des Abymes - Guadeloupe


Physical and artistic preparation for national competitions Etoiles Marines Synchronized Swimming Team - Guadeloupe


Preparation of candidates for:

The state diploma Dance teacher at all levels Ecole Danse et Arts - Guadeloupe

State diploma Dance teacher at all levels Deshautors Dance School - Guadeloupe


Artistic director of the SODRE Theater Ballet Company - Montevideo Uruguay


Guest Master:

Teacher at all levels Ballet Company and Teresa Carreño Theater School - Caracas Venezuela

National Ballet Company Sao Carlos National Ballet Company of Calouste Gulbenkien Foundation, Lisbon Portugal


Master, rehearsal director and stage manager of the National Ballet of Cuba, Havana Cuba


Master's degree and ballet school of the Novo Theater in Turin, Italy


Visiting master Mexican National Dance Company - Mexico City (DF)


Visiting Professor SLASKA Opera Dance Company - Bytom, Poland


Professional dancer - Coryphée and solo teacher, Cuban National Ballet Rehearsal

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