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Classical & Contemporary Dance Fusion

April 15 - 17, 2022

Oliviero Bifulco , a versatile dancer and choreographer in classical ballet and contemporary dance, comes to Casa de Ballet to give a unique Masterclass based on the differences and similarities of form and movement between the main techniques of academic dance. 

Dedicated to dancers with a minimum age of 12 years, this Masterclass fuses ballet and contemporary dance, explaining to students how they differ but how they can complement each other.

During the classes, Oliviero will teach both ballet and his more personal language, demonstrating how ballet can help in a more contemporary movement. His language has strong foundation in ballet, with the liberty of the different languages of modern dance.

The first class will be a lot about the link between ballet and modern.

In the advanced class, adding to this, Oliviero will teach a piece from his last full evening work

Friday, April 15

  • 16: 00h - 18: 00h Group 1

  • 18: 15h - 20: 15h Group 2

Saturday, April 16

  • 12:30h - 14:30h Group 1

  • 15:00h - 17:00h Group 2

Sunday, April 17

  • 12:30h - 14:30h Group 1

  • 15:00h - 17:00h Group 2

Oliviero Bifulco

Starts studying Classical Ballet in 2007 at the La Scala Ballet School. He graduated in June 2014, under the direction of Frédéric Olivieri.
During these years, he had the opportunity to work with important teachers and maître of Ballet as: Frédéric Olivieri, Leonid Nikonov, Victor Ullate, Cynthia Harvey, Piotr Nardelli, Patrick Armand, Bel- la Ratchinskaja, Biagio Tambone, Sergei Vikharev, Patricia Neary, Kathrin Bennets, Rinat Imaev.

He worked the Contemporary and Modern Tecnique with teachers as Emanuela Tagliavia, Kim Brandsturp, Iratxe Ansa, Paul Dennis, Silvya Bidegain.

He spent then some months with the Trainee program of San Francisco Ballet, under the direction of Patrick Armand.

He worked for Opéra National de Bordeaux, dancing the big titles of the classical and modern re- pertoire, from Sleeping Beauty to Suite en Blanc, from Swan Lake to Nutcracker. He works here with some of the most important French dancer of the XX century: The director Charles Jude, Eric Quilléré, principal in Paris Opera, Aurelia Schaeffer, principal with the Ballets Of Montecarlo, Attilio Labis, Clairemarie Osta, Emmanuele Grizot, and Nicolas Le Riche.

He has experience also with a more contemporary language, having danced piece by Kylian, Prejo- caj, Béjart.

In 2017 he attended Italian Tv show Amici, bringing his dance to a bigger audience.
He started then touring all over Italy, as a freelance dancer for the biggest events in the nation.
He teaches also for the main festivals in Italy and abroad. He’s an affilitate teacher of the Abt Ntc curriculum program, for the Pre Primary-Level 3 program.

In autumn 2021, he debuted his first full evenings show, “Cant’t believe the way we Flow”, descri- bed by DanceHall News like a “dance jewel”, with 10 dancers coming from all over the world, with music from Max Richter, lights from Cecile Vissière and costume Wibke Deertz.


The masterclass is addressed to young students over the age of 12 - intermediate / advanced level.

The duration of a course is 2 hours.

You can sign up by completing  online registration form .


Oliviero Bifulco Classical & Contemporary Dance Fusion Masterclass

€ 75/3 courses

€ 30 / course


  • Full payment or a 30% deposit ensures the reservation of a group seat.

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